Monroe City gets new Catholic school

Monroe City celebrates the opening of Holy Rosary Catholic School.

It was February of 2011 when talk began about building a new catholic school in Monroe City.

The community and the parish joined together Sunday morning to celebrate what they call a blessing.

They call it the Miracle on Main street.

After almost five years of work, Holy Rosary Catholic School has opened its doors.

"They're going to have air conditioning. They're not going to have to climb steps. They're going to have a new library, I worked in the library, " said retired teacher, "Rusty".

For 91-year-old and retired teacher "Rusty" this is a day she's been eagerly awaiting.

"And I told her sometime ago, I just hope I live long enough to see it accomplished and I have," Rusty said.

From her first day as a teacher in 1964, to her first steps in the new building Sunday morning, she said it's a dream come true.

To bless the new building, the Monroe City community and parish at Holy Rosary Catholic Church welcomed Bishop John Gaydos.

Bishop Gaydos said the parish had a dream, and that dream was to replace an aging school building almost one hundred years old.

"The whole community pitches in for things like this, they all help out, they all contribute," the Bishop said.

Principal of the school, Sister Sue Walker said students were more than excited on their first day.

"Our goal is that each student can become the best that they can be, they all have different gifts they all have different talents, we want to encourage them to be the best they can be and grow up to serve God and their country."

Now there are more than 170 students at Holy Rosary Catholic School.

Bishop Gaydos says the building will be in great shape for years to come.

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