Quincy Reborn: A new vision for the city


For more than 60 years, the population in the city of Quincy has remained the same

When you walk by the Riverside neighborhood in Quincy, it's easy to get the sense of, what if?

"It's been a struggle for the city to revitalize these neighborhoods," said Quincy Director of Planning, Chuck Bevelheimer.

One of the ways the city could be looking to revitalize neighborhoods surrounding downtown would be to introduce a "housing loan program".

It's a part of what's called the Quincy Strategic Plan.

"The idea would be to look at local financial institutions and come up with a participation loan program where banks would vet the projects, would review the application and the city would partner with the banks to participate in a loan," said Bevelheimer.

Now the primary appeal, especially for first-time homeowners, is that the city would match 25% of a renovation loan for anyone willing to move and rehab an older house.

Brett Austin is a local property owner with Austin Properties and he's taken advantage of a similar program offered to businesses.

He says Quincy has not updated its message for far too long.

"When they come back what are we offering? And we haven’t changed...if the city was a business, we haven’t changed our business model to keep up with what people want now A bold new vision from a new generation of residents, may correct that," said Austin.

Michelle Wilkerson is the owner of Grown & Gathered. She too advantage of a rehab loan and said she never would have been able to do it without the city.

She also adds that not just anyone needs to come in and rehab these houses, it needs to be a certain generation.

"It's a really great place to raise children, it's a great place to be a child. Somewhere in-between graduating high school and getting your gold mini-van and three kids and a dog...there's a gap," said Wilkerson.

The plan is just a set of ideas at this point, but if approved and implemented, it could start the beginning of a population boom for Quincy.

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