MoDOT cautions drivers during solar eclipse

MoDOT cautions drivers during eclipse (MGN Online).

August 21 will mark America's eclipse.

It will be the first time in 99 years when day turns to night across the country.

Missouri stands in the path of complete darkness, known as totality.

The Missouri Department of Transportation says Missouri alone is expecting up to one million out-of-state guests during the solar eclipse.

That's why MoDOT wants to remind drivers to take extra caution when traveling.

"We're making plans to make sure that we've got all of our major roads ready to go for those folks that are coming in and out of the state. One thing we do want motorists to be aware of though is that we don't want you pulling over on the side of the road to view the eclipse. Use the roads to travel where you're going to go and find a safe place to do the viewing and whatever else you're going to do," said Brian Haeffner, an area engineer for the Missouri Department of Transportation.

KHQA Chief Meteorologist Rich Cain and Meteorologist Nick Stewart will host a live Q&A on Facebook Wednesday, August 2 and 8:00 p.m.

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