Missouri & Iowa Tax Free Holiday details

Missouri & Iowa Tax Free Holiday details

It's time to save money and shop 'til you drop.

It's Missouri and Iowa's tax free weekend once again.

Saving money is the top priority for most shoppers this weekend.

"We live in Shelbina and since Hannibal is doing the tax free weekend thing that's why we are here," says shopper Pamela Carr.

Pamela plans to shop all day with her mom and daughter.

"We'll get a few school supplies and probably shop around a little bit more for clothes, it's nice to be able to not have to pay taxes of course," explains Pamela.

The Missouri sales tax exemption is limited to:

  • Clothing – any article having a taxable value of $100 or less
  • School supplies – not to exceed $50 per purchase
  • Computer software – taxable value of $350 or less
  • Personal computers – not to exceed $1,500
  • Computer peripheral devices – not to exceed $1,500
  • Graphing Calculators - not to exceed $150

The Iowa sales tax exemption is limited to:

  • An article of clothing or footwear having a selling price less than $100.00

This gives all families a chance to save big before the school year starts.

"It's all your basic back to school items. It's savings for the whole family. Whether it's for mom or for dad or for the kids it's getting everybody ready for the fall and back to school season," says JC Penny General Manager Paige Legg.

This holiday is not just for the classroom.

"A lot of people take advantage of it that don't have children just because it's a great time to save money. Some people are even starting holiday shopping early," explains Legg.

Many stores are combining the tax free holiday with other deals.

Some stores even have extended hours.

The Missouri holiday runs August 5, 2017 though August 7, 2017.

The deals in Iowa run from August 5, 2017, through midnight, August 6, 2017, Sunday is not included.

Businesses that are open on these days are required to participate.

Click here for a list of Missouri city's not participating.

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