Missouri Highway Patrol urging motorists to drive with caution

MoDOTs Northeast District has issued a travel advisory for Thursday evening.

Jenifer Hinson with MoDOT says there is significant concern for black ice on roads and bridges.

Sergeant Eric Brown with the Missouri Highway Patrol Department is urging motorists traveling to be cautious of their surroundings and adjust accordingly.

Sergeant Brown says to watch the temperature gauge inside your car and allow more time during travel.

"First and foremost, definitely slow down. Speed is often a factor in the winter time driving crashes. Watch your following distance. Be careful as you brake and definitely put your seatbelt on,” says Sergeant Brown.

He also says, the best thing to do if you are in a non-injury traffic crash is to move your vehicle out of the roadway on to a nearby shoulder or parking lot.

Sergeant Brown says, when roads become icy, he always urges you to call 911 if you see an accident.

However, vehicles that appeared wrecked but have emergency tape wrapped around them have been handled by personnel already.

Watch KHQA’s Lynsey Whitaker’s Facebook Live and full interview with Sergeant Brown below.

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