Military academy - a unique choice for education

Millions of students, parents, teachers and school administrators will come together this week to celebrate National School Choice Week.

Missouri Military Academy in Mexico, Missouri is a private all-boy academy which serves 7th-12th grades.

The International boarding school houses cadets from the U.S. and 13 international countries. The goal of the academy is to educate students with diverse backgrounds and to help prepare them for the future.

Joseph Mulvey is a Cadet Leader and came to Missouri Military Academy two years ago.

Mulvey is a Peoria, Illinois native who made the transition after struggling to maintain his time and academics.

"It hasn't been easy but it has been a really fun time, just being able to learn a lot of new things and just being able to become a better person," said Mulvey.
"So, when a young man like Mr. Mulvey or anybody else that arrives here, they can be disoriented sometimes. Most kids have not been to a boarding school and nothing else that can be disorienting," said Academy President Tony McGeorge.

President McGeorge says the structure of the school teaches the cadets readiness for the future.

"One of the most important things about our school is the focus on structure and discipline and teaching boys time management and accepting responsibility," said McGeorge.

McGeorge says it’s about stepping outside the box most time.

"We take them out of their comfort zone. That’s how a boy grows, that's how people grow and we challenge them with things they think they might not be able to do," said

Mulvey, a senior at the academy, says coming into the academy he was more of a follower.

Now he’s a leader helping ease the academy transition to younger cadets.

"From becoming someone who is not confident which is a lot of time and just didn't do that well in school to someone who has become much more confident, I do much better in school now and I am just a much happier person overall now.

Currently around 200 cadets are enrolled at the academy and 42 percent of cadets make up the diverse population.

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