McDonough District Hospital honors 81 employees

Left to Right, Front Row: Tracy Daniels, Sue Adams, Melody McGrew, Carolyn Cox, Cheri Nichols, Rebecca Watson, Lynn Crowell; Second Row: Kathie McCleery, Bev Eddington, Glenda Unger, Marty Frier, Linda Cremer, Pam Murphy, Regina Matthews, Janene Shockency, Patti Willock, Janet Moore, Susan Lester, Debbie Elsner; Third Row: Jen Smith, Melody Slater, Kim Laird, Judy McKee, Michael Thompson, Kenny Boyd, Matt Kessler, Matt Thompson, Sarah Green, Holly Torrance; Back Row: Jo Anna Eidson, Terry Hostert, Lori Fox, Carolyn Grove, Brienne Whitmire, Sandra Whitmire, Lindsey Whitford

McDonough District Hospital honored 81 employees at an awards ceremony on September 22nd.

The 43rd Annual Awards Presentation and Reception recognized employees for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 years of service. Each employee received a certificate of achievement, a gift of choice, as well as a monetary gift.

A special slide show of all the employees was shown.

The Human Resources staff of Sue Dexter, Sara Robertson, Tobie Richey, and Christina Brown coordinated the event. Brief remarks of appreciation were made by Kenny Boyd, President/CEO. Refreshments were served by hospital administration.

The following is a list of employees who were recognized this year:

45 Years

  • Melody McGrew, Acute Care

40 Years

  • Mary Catania, Laboratory
  • Lynn Crowell, Obstetrics
  • Debra Elsner, Surgical Services
  • Kathleen McCleery, Patient Financial Services
  • Victoria McDonald, Laboratory
  • Pamela Murphy, Admitting

35 Years

  • Linda Cremer, Laboratory
  • Chris Dace, McDonough Medical Group
  • Beverly Eddington, Purchasing
  • Patricia Ferguson, Patient Financial Services
  • Martha Frier, Surgical Services
  • Carolyn Grove, Wound Care Clinic
  • Patricia McMillen, Cardiopulmonary
  • Janet Moore, Radiology

30 Years

  • Annette Ault, Acute Care
  • Connie Elting, Acute Care
  • Linda Greene, Obstetrics
  • Jeffrey Teal, Sleep Center
  • Glenda Unger, Communications
  • Patti Willock, Radiology

25 Years

  • Carol Lawson, Health Information Management
  • Jerry Raby, Cardiopulmonary

20 Years

  • Shannon Heath, Laboratory
  • Regina Matthews, Radiology
  • Steven Rogers, Surgical Services
  • Marlene Schoonover, Sterile Professing
  • Holly Torrance, Surgical Services

15 Years

  • Deborah Hamrick, Acute Care
  • Patricia Kessel, McDonough Medical Group
  • Cheri Nichols, Laboratory
  • Amber Redshaw, Surgical Services

10 Years

  • Megan Carter, Home Health
  • Mary Ann Davis, Health Information Management
  • Leanne Haney, Admitting
  • Amy Howe, Communications
  • Kimberly Laird, Behavioral Health Services
  • Susannah Lester, Admitting
  • Beverly McFadden, McDonough Medical Group
  • Judy McKee, Admitting
  • Lisa Patton, Obstetrics
  • Melody Slater, Admitting
  • Jennifer Smith, Behavioral Health Services
  • Matthew Thompson, Laboratory
  • Rebecca Watson, Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Services
  • Jill Whiteside, Surgical Services
  • Sandra Whitmire, Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Services

5 Years

  • Susan Adams, McDonough Medical Group
  • Kenny Boyd, Administration
  • Janelle Reihm, Cardiopulmonary
  • Wendy Cameron, Obstetrics
  • Cindy Cook, Surgical Services
  • Carolyn Cox, Senior Behavioral Health
  • Tracy Daniels, McDonough Medical Group
  • Cathy Dean, Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Services
  • Shannon Dexter, Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Services
  • Jo Anna Eidson, Behavioral Health Services
  • Janice Fowler, Health Information Management
  • Lori Fox, Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Services
  • Sarah Green, Radiology
  • Terry Hostert, Quality and Innovation
  • Yousaf Jalil, McDonough Medical Group
  • Jocelyn Johnson, Intensive Care Unit
  • Marc Kessler, Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Services
  • Matthew Kessler, Laboratory
  • Todd Knox, Jr., Plant Engineering
  • Willard Markham, Plant Engineering
  • Stephanie McCleery, Obstetrics
  • Janet McKenney, Laboratory
  • Jack McPherson, Hospitalist
  • Stefany Myers, Emergency Department
  • Debra Orton, McDonough Medical Group
  • Tammy Reihm, Emergency Services
  • Jamie Riden, McDonough Medical Group
  • LaDawna Royer, Hospice
  • Janene Shockency, Diabetes Education Center
  • Michael Thompson, Laboratory
  • Ryan Tournear, Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Services
  • Lindsey Whitford, Surgical Services
  • Brienne Whitmire, Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Services
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