Marion & Ralls County Ambulance District increase employee safety

The Marion and Ralls County Ambulance Districts are taking action to increase employee safety.

A new Stryker Power Load System, a way to lift patients into ambulances, were installed in seven EMS vehicles - five in Marion County and two in Ralls County.

Chief John Nemes of the Marion and Ralls County Ambulance District says this is an investment the counties have wanted for a long time but financial struggles have prevented buying them before now.

"We were able to work a deal between Marion and Ralls County both through a joint purchase. We were able to get the cost of these units down substantially. We saved approximately eight thousand dollars per truck by doing a joint purchase and that allowed us to make an addition to our equipment,” said Nemes.

Captain Kyle Bowman with the Marion County Ambulance District says they have already put this equipment to work.

He says the new equipment has already made a substantial impact not only for paramedics but patients as well.

"It allows us to one have better patient safety. There is a lot less of a risk to that we are going to cause any injury or drop our patients out of our cot because of the autoload system. It also saves on our backs and lowers workplace injury because we don't have to take the whole weight of the patient and lift them up in the cot, it is doing this automatically for us now,” said Bowman.

The new loading systems were paid for through the general fund with Marion County investing $179,000 and $40,000 from Ralls County.

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