Marion County residents get first look at candidates

Missouri residents and candidate hopefuls pack Hall's Hall in Palmyra to listen to candidates and incumbents pitch their vision for the future of Missouri. (KHQA/Marcus Espinoza).

The night started with the pledge of allegiance...

A fitting start as many Missourians listened to several candidates express their desire to serve on behalf of their fellow citizens.

The Mayor of Palmyra started the night off the night going over a potential tax increase

"Proposition A...that quarter cent will become a half cent and we'll use that to address storm water," said Mayor Loren Graham

Marion Co. Sheriff Jimmy Shinn, who is up for reelection spoke a new k9 unit incoming to the Sherrif's Office he says will cost tax payers almost nothing.

"It cost $19,500, to this date, I've raised $18,300 in donations from the community," said Sheriff Shinn.

State Senator Brian Munzlinger will not be seeking reelection as he has reached his term limit, at least four people are running for his soon to be vacant seat.

....but says he wants more cases to stay local...not go to St. Louis.

"Missouri has been known as a judicial hell hole...with a lot of cases going to St. Louis. If you had somebody sued up here and it was joined with somebody in St. Louis, those awards would be about 10 times what they would be in Marion County," said Sen. Brain Munzlinger.

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