Marion County puts Hannibal Expressway as top priority

Marion County Commissioners have approved a list for their top transportation needs in 2018.

Lyndon Bode serves as Marion County Presiding Commissioner.

He says this year's top priority has been a priority for the past few years.

"For the last number of years, we have put in the Hannibal Expressway. A lot of heavy trucks going through Hannibal here and the need is to try and alleviate and not have so many trucks come through town," said Bode.

The second item on the county's list is adding another interchange in Palmyra.

"Talking to the officials in Palmyra (they) would like to see an interchange somewhere in the middle," said Bode.

There is currently an interchange located on the north and south side of town.

Bode says the third priority would be adding roadside shoulders all along Highway 168.

Bode said, "The fourth project is some lighting projects. We have several roads here where Veterans road meets Highway MM here in Hannibal and also Route W and then also by Monroe City on the west end of Monroe City where Business 36 meets up with Highway 36. At night time, it’s definitely a safety hazard."

And number five.

"Out in the rural part of the county out on Route E, there is a one lane tunnel, short tunnel that goes under the railroad," said Bode.

The list will be turned into the Mark Twain Regional Council Government Transportation Committee on March 16, 2018 for further evaluation.

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