Make your own Eclipse viewer

Make your own eclipse viewer with object lying around your home!

It should be no surprise that a total solar eclipse will occur over the Tri-States Monday. It should also not be a surprise that viewing glasses have been hard to come by. Stores have sold out within minutes of getting a new shipment.

So another option is to create your own solar viewer using object laying around your home. You'll need:

  1. -Cereal box or another rectangular box
  2. -Aluminum foil
  3. -White Paper
  4. -Tape
  5. -Scissors
  6. -Nail/Screw

To use the solar eclipse viewer, have your back to the sun. Look in the one opening and allow sunlight to come in through the other opening with the hole in the aluminum foil. You'll see the sun reflecting on the white paper inside the box as the eclipse happens!

This is actually the safest option to view the eclipse since you are not directly looking at the sun.

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