Macomb YMCA to staff Glenwood pool

A new partnership between the YMCA and city of Macomb hopes to keep Glenwood pool afloat this summer.

A Tri-State public pool is now under the command of a local YMCA.

The McDonough County YMCA and city of Macomb are teaming up to get the Glenwood pool up and running this season.

It first opened in the early 1940s and has had to close several days out of the summer for maintenance problems.

The YMCA will staff the pool this summer. The city will be responsible for repairs.

"Y" staff will spend the next few days painting and filling the pool to open in time for the holiday weekend.

There will also be a new shaded cabana for pool-goers to stay cool from the summer heat.

YMCA CEO Carla Teslicka grew up coming to Glenwood pool.

"I did come to this pool as a kid. I jumped off the high dive. There were some parties upstairs that were fun and we intend to bring it back to where it was in the 60s and 70s where people had a great time coming to the swimming pool," said Teslicka.

Teslicka says the goal is to keep Glenwood up and running until a new pool is built in the future.

"It's always been nice to have an outdoor pool and so it's fun being a part of keeping that pool going and keeping the city having an outdoor pool," said YMCA CFO Jim Harding.

The Glenwood pool will open at noon this Saturday, just in time for Memorial Day Weekend.

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