Macomb PD identifies city's most dangerous intersections

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The Macomb Police Department is trying to keep drivers traveling through some of the city's most dangerous intersections safe.

The department has kept a record of the number of crashes at high risk intersections over the years.

A dangerous intersection that sticks out to nearby resident Jerry Pursell is, "Lafayette by the train station. It's just not a good setup,”

Thousands of cars go through the intersection of Calhoun and Lafayette.

Macomb Police Chief Curt Barker says this is one of the most dangerous intersections in the city,

"We identify those intersections where we start to see maybe a little bit of an increase in accidents and then we will do different programs whether it is education or we'll go out and do increase enforcement at those locations,” said Chief Barker.

Pursell travels through Macomb quite often and he knows which intersections are treacherous.

"Two lanes turning left, you have one lane that's supposed to go straight and then you have one that goes right, but it doesn't show that on the street,” said Pursell.

Chief Barker says most of the accidents they see at the intersections are preventable.

"The big focus is on speed reduction and then distracted driving,” said Chief Barker. ”Everyone wants to drive with their cell phone and that's what we find causes a lot of the accidents."

Chief Barker commends the department on reducing accident numbers but says staying on top of the numbers and focusing on trends is important.

"Even further back we were averaging over 500 accidents a year. In 2013, we had 469 and last year we had that down to 369,” said Chief Barker.

Check the photo gallery for the most recent list of dangerous intersections in Macomb.

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