Macomb bypass now open - Governor Rauner promises four lanes

Ribbon Cutting For Macomb Bypass

Drivers now have a faster way to get through McDonough County.

"Yay Macomb. Yay McDonough County. Yay Western Illinois,” said Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner.

A typical drive through McDonough County on Highway 336 would usually route you through downtown Macomb. That all changed Friday.

“What a great day, this shows the wonderful results of people working together to get things done," said Governor Rauner.

Just after 2 p.m. Thursday, IDOT officials opened the seven mile-two lane stretch of Highway 336 and Highway 110.

The new bypass will drivers to Highway 67 just north of Macomb and south of Good Hope.

Governor Rauner said, "This is the last key link between Chicago and Kansas City."

Now with less traffic being funneled through downtown Macomb, Mayor Mike Inman says the bypass is great for safety and the local economy.

"The economic aspect of having development out at these interchanges, some safety aspects when it is fully completed and getting traffic that otherwise is cumbersome in Macomb. I am talking about large trucks, tractor trailers,” said Mayor Inman.

The Governor made a promise Friday - one Mayor Inman says will be the driving factor to economic growth.

"We're going to go to four lanes here. We are going to go to four lanes here, we are going to get it done," said Governor Rauner.

Governor Rauner says highways like 336 are not only vital for travelers but also for local farmers.

"We need a good highway system to get our products to market, products to the distribution centers quickly, efficiently and we can save our farmers money to get higher incomes,” said Governor Rauner.

A $38.5-billion spending plan is now awaiting the governor’s signature.

The state budget passed both the senate and the house earlier this week.

In the new state budget, nearly $11-billion has been set aside for the states infrastructure.

"Illinois is the heart of transportation for the United States of America. Our transportation network drives our economic prosperity. We need the best highway system in the world here in the state of Illinois. That will create more income, more jobs a better quality of life and a better future of our children and grandchildren,” said Governor Rauner.

The budget is scheduled to start July 1.

Governor Rauner speaks at Macomb bypass opening.

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