Macomb bypass included in construction plan

The Illinois Department of Transportation has unveiled its multi year highway plan and there are several construction projects planned for the West Central Illinois region

The Illinois Department of Transportation unveiled its multi-year highway plan which includes a number of construction projects in the West Central Illinois region.

Many of the projects call for resurfacing and widening already existing roads and also replacing bridge decks on some highways.

But it also includes money earmarked for the Macomb bypass for upcoming FY 2013.

The $9.2 billion plan is being called "Transforming Transportation for Tomorrow."

The comprehensive list of projects can be found on the Illinois DOT website.

Illinois State Representative Jil Tracy, R-Mt. Sterling, thinks the plan is good for the state but cautions that the list might be pared down a bit before all the funding is approved.

"I've felt strongly about transportation funding because it's an economic development driver," she said. "But remember, it's a long range plan and actual implementation could be delayed depending on what happens with the budget."

One of the biggest construction projects in the proposal is the Macomb bypass. In the IDOT plan, $35.4 million is set aside for FY2013 to include grading, drainage work, land acquisition and a new bridge. The area included runs from U. S. 136 west of Macomb to U.S. 67 north of Macomb. This is known as the northwest Macomb Bypass. This project is being funded through the capital budget which is the Illinois Jobs Now program.

Click on the following map to open the complete document including higher resolution map:

Illinois State Senator John Sullivan, D-Rushville, is happy that this project is being included in the budget. But he says the rest of the maintenance plan is relatively weak.

"We knew it was going to be a weak plan for 2013," he said. "

Some of the concern is that money is being diverted out of the road fund. Some of us in Springfield are going to be looking into that."

Some of the other major projects for the Quincy area include $5 million to resurface, widen and improve turning lanes on U.S. 24 from Illinois 96 east to Fowler. That project is part of the overall six-year plan. There is no definite year given in the list that was released. Another major project includes the resurfacing and new bridge decks and intersection improvements along Illinois 57 from York Street in Quincy to just north of Marblehead.

IDOT estimates that project to cost $6.2 million.That project is included in the plan that covers years 2014 to 2018.

Click on the following map to open the complete document including higher resolution map:

There plan that was unveiled also include smaller highway maintenance projects in the area that that sees highway resurfacing and other improvements.

Of the $9.2 billion that is part of the overall plan, $6.5 billion is in federal funds. $2.2 in state funding. $1.2 in Illinois Jobs Now capital funding and $454 million in local funding.

Illinois DOT District Six encompasses Hancock, Adams, Brown, Pike, Scott, Schuyler, Cass and Morgan counties, while McDonough County falls within the boundary of Illinois DOT District Four.

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