Lyft ride-hailing service proving valuable in Quincy

A Lyft ride-hailing badge signals to a passenger when they arrive. (KHQA/Marcus Espinoza)

When Lyft was first announced in the Gem City, many were confused to who would actually use the service.

A little less than a year later, it's clearly serving a purpose.

Quincy Police Department officials announced earlier this week only one DUI arrest was made in Quincy on New Years Eve.

Lyft Driver Dave Ulrich says he's seen the app's popularity surge recently.

This past New Years Eve proves just that.

"I believe we come up with about 17 drivers that we could figure out that were on at some point that day and gave over 350 rides," said Ulrich.

Passengers are able to download the free Lyft app and enter their banking information and be able to hail a driver from anywhere in the city.

"Every driver can rate the passenger and the passenger can rate every driver and then he can tip right from the app, so everything is run right off your bank account," said Ulrich.

Ulrich says he feels a sense of pride and responsibility to get people home.

"I felt like if I can come out and give some rides, which I gave 28 rides that night, that I know there's at least 28 times that people got in my car and they went somewhere else and they made it there safe and sound," said Ulrich.

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