Lyft comes to Quincy

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A new ride-sharing service is now available in Quincy.

Aldermen officially confirmed the ride-share service at Tuesday night's Quincy City Council meeting.

Residents have been able request a driver through the app since this past Saturday.

And that news has residents and businesses alike smiling about the new option.

Robert Boltz likes to stop in for a drink at Harrison Pub in Quincy.

"You get to what 10-11 o'clock at night and there is no cab service. None," said Boltz.

And that keeps him from staying out longer.

"I'd like to have a cab service after 10 o'clock at night because usually if someone wants to leave they don't have one," Boltz expressed.

Tina Durk is the friendly face behind the bar inside the Pub.

She says her customers are her top concern.

"They need rides. After two drinks they could get a DUI. Especially when it's late like 1:00 in the morning. A lot of people don't want to wake up their family members and they might get in the car and drive," said Durk.

She says Lyft brings assurance.

"I'm just glad they're in town. I don't have to worry about my customers. They'll have a safe ride home now," Durk said.

Quincy alderwoman Jennifer Lepper told the council Tuesday night that she's happy about the new Lyft option.

"I think they'll be able to get people dropped off and picked up and run some more routes. It's a good thing. I hope it works out here," said Lepper.

Boltz says the Lyft app might be easier for younger generations to use but hopes his generation will familiarize themselves with how to use it.

"Like someone like myself who is older, you guys have smart phones and know how to use them. I'm not that savvy. I want to pick up the phone, see a phone number, call it and have a ride," Boltz stated.

You can get Lyft by downloading the app on your smart phone and making an account.

There's already several drivers out and about town as we speak.

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