Loebsack wants input on protecting the nation's children

U.S. Representative Dave Loebsack

U.S. Representative Dave Loebsack

announced last week that he wants to hear from Iowans about how the nation should move forward when dealing with the safety of our nation's children.

In a statement to our sister station KTVO in Ottumwa, Loebsack said, "Everyone from the President to the many people from Iowa who have contacted my office have called on the nation's leaders to have a national conversation about how we can move forward after the senseless violence in Newtown. I think we have to have every option on the table and open for discussion. That doesn't mean everything will be implemented, but when you have an open and honest discussion, it is good to have as many points of view as possible. I will use these meetings to hear from people that are directly involved with protecting our children and I look forward to getting ideas and taking them back to Washington with me while we debate how to move forward."

A spokesperson for Congressman Loebsack says that the meeting places and times, as well as the type of meeting format will be announced in the coming weeks.

Story by KTVO reporter Greg Deffenbaugh.

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