Local sheriff's department reflects on Peace Officer Memorial Day


Tommy Oberman opens up the door to how his journey of law enforcement began.

"Always had a lot of big respect for a lot of the state troopers in my county when I was growing up as a kid," Oberman explained.

He's now a deputy officer with the Lee County Sheriff's Department.

Oberman mentioned peace officers memorial day is different.

He pointed out it means a lot more this year than in previous years.

"I seen a lot more support over the past few years along with the negativity also,” Oberman said. "It's nice to see people care about us a little bit"

Peace Officer Day is bitter sweet for Lee County Sheriff Stacy Weber.

"Last week we buried one in western Iowa after being shot and killed," Weber explained.

Police-officer involved shootings are a growing problem nationwide.

Some people in Lee County want to be the solution.

"Better qualified applicants this year," Weber mentioned.

He said there's now an increase of applicants who want to join the force.

"People still stepping up, they see that there's a problem and they want to help address it," Weber said.

A step to help bridge the gap between police and civilians.

"It is nice to be recognized by the community we serve though," Weber pointed out.
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