Local police chief issues certificates instead of summons


The City of Center, Missouri's Police Chief spends part of the day pulling over speeders in the town. But Tuesday wasn’t just your normal traffic stops.

"There is that and we also want to wish you a Merry Christmas here is a $20 gift card from the City of Center, Merry Christmas.”

An act to combat negative media coverage of local law enforcement is now a community effort for travelers in Center, Missouri.

"It started off last year with a small version of this, where my wife and I bought a couple of gift cards and a couple of the community businesses pitched in,” says Chief Ray.
"Sir today on our speeding stops were are giving you a warning for speed and we are also telling you Merry Christmas and we're giving you a $20 gift card to Niemann foods,” says Ray.

This is the second year for this program of good will.

Chief Ray has 22 certificates this year.

Now many businesses are wanting to join Center Police Chief David Ray and his force.

"I think it is a great idea. David just stopped by the office one day and said would you like to contribute and told us about his plan and it’s just a great idea,” says business donor Lola McDonald.

The holiday cheer is for area children, too. Chief Ray stopped by a daycare and middle school to recognize some who don't get enough recognition.

"Just kind of take a chance to say Merry Christmas and give a positive spin that cops are people too.”
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