Local library teaches you to be techie

The Quincy Public Library has 15 e-readers you can checkout for up to two weeks.

Between kindles, nooks and smartphones reading from an actual paperback can feel old school.

If you're past due on learning how to use the latest technology, the Quincy Public Library can help.

"A lot of people think this is just a place for books but it's not just a place for books," Quincy Public Library Reference Librarian Bobbi Mock said. "Technology is constantly changing and our media format is changing. Not every book is available in print anymore but they are available in e-versions or online versions. We offer tutor options and anytime we can help someone learn a new skill and they're receptive it's great."

That one-on-one guidance includes actually getting your hands on a kindle. The library has 15 ready to be checked out.

"It gives readers a chance to check out the various devices before they invest their money," Mock said. "Once you learn how to do many of these things you don't have to come to library to download and e-book."

It's just one touch away. Just go to your app store and download Overdrive Media Console.

"We are known for having one of the premier e-book collections in the area and we are also known for having the most e-readers in the area," Mock said.

You can even learn a new language with another library app called Mango. The only thing the public needs to access both online programs is ... "Their library card," Mock said.

Unfortunately that's something you can't download but could happen in the near future. The library is working on developing an app of its own.

You can learn how to checkout a kindle, download an e-book and get a language app here.

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