Local girls go above and beyond

Space Camp sounds like something out of a Disney movie.

But for two Quincy Junior High students, it's all very real.

"It was so exciting!" said Isabella Solaro. "I found out in school when I was checking my phone and it was just the best feeling really."

Isabella and her best friend Katie Englemeyer were two of only fifty kids across the U.S. given scholarships to attend the U.S. Space & Rocket Center's Advanced Space Academy. Something that was no easy task achieving.

"You have to write an essay describing a science experiment using the scientific method," said Isabella.

"I was very proud, my husband and I were pretty thrilled because there were so many applications '"said Liz Solaro, Isabella's mom.

About 343 to be exact. But what's even more impressive is, this isn't Isabella's first time to space camp. Her and Katie attended one two years ago.

"Well last time I was with a younger group of kids and we didn't get to do as much as we're going to do at the space academy because it's for older kids," said Isabella.

This year Isabella and Katie will spend six days at the Space Academy getting hands-on astronaut training.

"We're going to do this high ropes course which is going to simulate what astronauts have to do in space sometimes," said Isabella.

Skills Isabella is definitely considering putting to use in the future.

"I want to go to college in the east coast maybe Princeton or something and study aerospace engineering," said Isabella.

Isabella and Katie leave for the space academy at the end of July.

Katie was unable to attend the interview because of a prior engagement.

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