Local firefighters train for plane crashes

Quincy and Tri-Township firefighters trained Tuesday as part of a mandatory FAA aircraft rescue training.

Deputy Chief Steve Salrin with the Quincy Fire Department was impressed with crews' techniques while exercising a plane fire and rescue mission.

"We do a monthly training each month every year related to aircraft rescue and firefighting and this is a combination of those months we kind of put everything on a hands on,” says Deputy Chief Salrin.

A simulated airplane was brought in by The University of Missouri Columbia to allow firefighters a hands-on experience at fighting plane fires.

"Propane is what's used for the prop and we probably could put it out with our fire stream but it is controlled on the back of the semi-tractor in the control booth so they can actually turn it on and off,” said Deputy Chief Salrin.

Crews of two took turns in different rounds practicing the plane firefighting technique.

"As far as operators in the truck, we like to be cross trained as much as possible so it is too difficult for the driver to focus on water placement and driving at the same time so passenger would have control of water placement and the driver would have control of driving where it needs to go,” says Deputy Chief Salrin.

Once crews finished with exterior training they then moved inside of the plane for a fire and rescue exercise.

Today's mandated training helps firefighters prepare for flights to and from Chicago. The updated training is needed since SkyWest's planes will carry more than nine passengers in and out of Quincy Regional Airport starting December 1st.

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