Local chains thrive during back to school season

    Girly-girl geared powerhouse Justice rakes in thousands in sales a day during the summer months.

    As we're getting closer to back to school season, some are getting a head start on the shopping.

    While some stores are failing at the Quincy Mall, for others, back to school season is their time to shine.

    Laura Shake and her daughter Haley are just starting their back to school shopping at Justice.

    “It's kind of a family thing we do. We just knock it out in a day,” Shake said.

    The girly-girl geared powerhouse rakes in thousands in sales a day during the summer months.

    "We're joining a new concept of 'We are Justice' so it's inclusive for every girl. We have the sizes to fit everyone and really just incorporating everyone from girly-girl to tom boys to the athletic ones," said Victoria Campen, store manager.

    The store's inventory was slashed from a high-volume store to a more selective stock a few years ago.

    "They used to overload us with so much inventory that it was too crowded in here so people didn't like to shop. So now they're drawing that back a little bit. We still got a lot of variety of stuff in here but not the overabundance so it's still easier to shop," Campen said.

    It doesn't stop shoppers from crowding the store's small space.

    "People are still going to come in and see us just because we are here and we have everything that they want and I think we're pretty cool anyways,” Campen explained.

    And the Shakes aren't the only ones hitting the mall.

    Lane Huff says he loves getting ready for the school year.

    "I just like school. School is fun," Huff stated.

    It’s not a bad idea to start racking up those coupons.

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