Lincoln-Douglas Elementary School to open doors next week

Lincoln-Douglas Elementary School

The new Lincoln-Douglas Elementary School is just days away from opening its doors for the first time.

Marci Keller teaches second grade.

"I am incredibly excited as we all are. We have this beautiful new building to welcome our students," Keller said.

When walking through the doors of the new school the first thing you'll notice is all of the color.

"Each grade level has a particular color for their pod so for example in second grade we are red. But you'll also see that the third grade hallway is green, the first grade hallway is orange, kindergarten is yellow, and so every grade level has their own color," said Keller.
"You know..we've got a lot of opportunity for change as we shift into this larger environment for our school and and our staff has really gone above and beyond to get everything ready...Teachers have put a lot of work into getting their classrooms ready," said Brian Trowbridge, Lincoln-Douglas Principal.

As soon as school ended at Monroe, teachers began moving over to the new building.

"We have been here all summer long. Any time you'd ever drive by you'd always see some teachers’ vehicles here because we wanted to get this place ready so that now we're not thinking about, 'okay where am I going to put the pencils' now we're thinking about what we're going to be doing with the kids when they come in," Keller said.

They are also working on developing a student protocol for the new building.

However, all of this will be communicated to students and parents once school starts.

"We are just so excited to welcome all of our students in," said Keller.

The doors will open August 17th.

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