Kids and cell phones: parent-child contract


Many kids are asking for cell phones much earlier than when they're ready for one.

Bridjet Pinson works with U.S. Cellular in Quincy.

She says the age your child gets a phone really depends on the family.

When choosing a phone, Pinson recommends choosing the same type as the parents, Android or iPhone, to make the process easier.

When it comes to monitoring your child's phone, Pinson recommends one easy solution.

"There are a ton of great applications out there, Phone Sheriff, things like that that are going to allow a parent to really monitor what's happening on a phone but also lock down features that they think their child's not ready for," stated Pinson.

US Cellular promotes a parent-child contract to help start the conversation and set rules about limits to your kids' phone.

To create your own agreement, click here.

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