KHQA News employee shares experience from Vegas shooting

KHQA news employee shares experience from Vegas shooting

A KHQA News employee was in Vegas during Sunday's shooting.

Producer Brennan Ehrhardt spoke with KHQA via Skype from Vegas on Monday about what he saw and heard on the strip.

"We heard some rumors of people talking about a shooting incident happening at the Mandalay Bay Resort, which is the resort one or two down from where we are staying. As the night developed we kept hearing more and more casualties and incidents. Where we were the police showed up very heavily, There was three or four of them at all times always carrying rifles, shotguns. All streets were blocked off by three or four cop cars. We were 5 miles away and there were probably 200 armed police around us. Law enforcement took over the city very quickly, shut everything down very fast. As far as controlling the area is was very organized," explains Brennan Ehrhardt.

Brennan said all roads, traffic, and public transportation was shut down. All did re-open late Monday afternoon.

Law enforcement presence has decreased since the shooting but he says there is still a few cops at each nearby hotel.

"This morning when we came back it was a third of the people struggling along, there were no performers, there was no music, it was very, very strange, it was kind of a ghost town. I think at the moment, I think everyone is exhausted and tired and we don't know what to do. Everyone is a little on edge but i think things are, i think everyone is feeling that its over and now it's time to recover. The whole community is coming together, tourists, citizens, everybody to try and help out and do what they can," Brennan said.

Brennan said this was his first trip to the strip.

He did say that this incident did not scare him away and he intends to return.

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