KHQA Back to School: Is your child up to health code?


Two huge health requirements your child needs for school.

It's a moment Steven won't forget at the Adams County Health Department on Thursday.

It was time for his shots.

A measure Infectious Disease Supervisor John Campos pointed out is needed.

"School is a perfect place for these things to spread," Campos said.

This breeding ground can be full of diseases.

Campos explained it's a legal requirement for shots to be given to students before they can go to school.

"Measles, mumps, rubella, to chicken pox and the hepatitis A and B virus," Campos mentioned.

He said students might not be able to attend school without proper vaccination shots.

That's not all they need.

Physicals are also on the agenda for students this school year.

Kristin Thompson is a physical therapist at Quincy Medical Group.

She explained it's required for students to have a physical in order to play fall sports.

A sort of health inspection that could help prevent injuries.

"Make sure their body is functioning properly,” Thompson said. “Make sure all of their major organ systems are functioning properly, so that they can perform to their best ability".

Campos and Thompson both say these health measures only help and not hinder students.

"We can prevent all injuries the best we can," Thompson explained.
"There's never been anything that's been done more to protect our community than the invention of immunization," Campos said.
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