Keokuk Medical Center to close late summer

keokuk medical center.jpg

The Keokuk Medical Center will soon close.

The Center is a joint venture between Fort Madison Community Hospital in southeast Iowa and Blessing Health System in Quincy.

It will no longer see patients after August 31st.

According to a press release, the center was opened in 2014 to help enhance access to primary healthcare services in Keokuk and surrounding communities.

Since then, other healthcare providers in the region have expanded their primary healthcare services, leading to the decision to close the Keokuk Medical Center, allowing Fort Madison and Blessing to focus on other strategic healthcare needs in the region.

Keokuk Medical Center employs two physicians, one manager and six hourly staff. The physicians, manager, and staff members will each be offered other employment opportunities.

Blessing Health System owns the Keokuk Medical Center building and will assess its future over the coming weeks.

Between now and August 31, Keokuk Medical Center staff will work with patients to help them find another provider.

After August 31, the Keokuk Health Center office will remain open for patients to retrieve their medical records through the close of business September 28, 2018. Patients will be notified in writing of where they can access their medical records after September 28, 2018.

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