Keokuk Depot invites community to be a part of history

Keokuk Depot Signing.JPG

The Keokuk Union Depot is constructing a community one tile at a time.

A newly restored roof will now be made up of clay tiles signed by Tri-State residents.

"To sign a tile that will go on the roof of the depot. You won't see it, it is on the back side of the tile but they will also know their name is up there and they are a part of the depot," said Sandy Seabold, Depot Commission Treasurer.

A part of the roof and a part of history. That's why local families made a donation to support the restoration project.

"Because that means I am a part of Keokuk and I am a part of the history that will be, that will be in the future will be history for our kids and the next generation," said Keokuk Resident Thomas Nemecek.
"Because it’s going to be on the roof and I can look at it and I can look at all the peoples' tiles,” said Keokuk Resident Liam Wenke.

The Keokuk Union Depot has been in the restoration process for three years now. The City of Keokuk wants to preserve the historical building rather than see it demolished.

"The city bought it for a dollar from the railroad and so we have a city commission that is in charge of the depot and a foundation which raises money for it," said Seabold.

And it's that money that will help restore the depot to its original condition.

"We found out the company that made the tiles was still in business so we ordered from that title company and we ordered the tiles and we were able to match the exact colors of the original roof too," said Seabold.

The roof restoration is scheduled to be complete by the end of this year. The commission is still negotiating what is next after the roof project is complete.

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