Keokuk continues to take action to revitalize the city

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Keokuk city leaders and businesses are now looking at options to revitalize the city. This comes following recent investments along Keokuk's riverfront.

After a decline in Keokuk's population, action to rebrand the city is now underway.

"When you come through Main Street and you go into neighborhoods you see a lot of blight and dilapidation due to buildings that just haven’t been taken care of. So really going through and addressing those problem properties so that people can invest with confidence in Keokuk both with their business and their homes," said Keokuk City Administrator Aaron Burnett.

The city owns bits and pieces of property around the town. Most of those are homes vacant and in need of repair work, not demolition.

Keokuk's leaders hope housing improvements will lead to economic development.

"We've witnessed alot of properties being bought and new investment. We see that with, we have two new clinics that are opening in Keokuk and then also seeing expansions with existing businesses, just adding jobs, 5, 10, 20 at a time and that’s where you get your real growth. When you start seeing your local businesses re-investing," said Burnett.

Burnett says addressing the riverfront is also key to revitalizing Keokuk.

"Recent developments we've just brought the barge down from Davenport and we're looking to renovate that. We continue to have other donations along the riverfront that are revitalizing the riverfront between the pavilion and the Keokuk depot."

Burnett hopes these improvements will mean more people will move back to Keokuk to see and enjoy the benefits.

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