Keokuk City Council meets for the first time following city hall fire

Thursday night was the first night the city council met in a formal setting since the fire just over 48 hours ago.

The Keokuk Community School Board room was the meeting place for Keokuk City Council members Thursday night.

The council had to find a new place to meet after a devastating fire wreaked havoc on city hall Tuesday night.

Thursday night was the first night the city council met in a formal setting since the fire just over 48 hours ago.

City officials and even some aldermen have spent the past two days at city hall rummaging through the remains, and trying to salvage important documents.

Mayor Tom Richardson and City Administrator Cole O'’Donnell gave an update to the council Thursday night on where things currently sit.

Richardson believes the building is a total loss, and crews will either have to find a new location, or possibly build a new building at the 415 Blondeau site.

“Our status is that, I think essentially, I would be considering it a total loss,” Richardson said. “We have good coverage, we are well insured, we have replacement costs and so we do not have to be to be concerned about the public’s money other than we have a $5,000 deductible. Other than that, we should be able to get most things taken care of.”

The temporary space for city hall is located on the third floor of the Pilot Grove Savings Bank.

Officials are expecting phone lines to be hooked up Friday.

O'Donnell says crews were able to recover servers from the burning building, but the IT department can’t get the computer towers to turn on.

“They mirrored our server and they got through Friday,” O’Donnell explained. “They took the hard drives out of the server and they are going to see if they can migrate Monday and Tuesday and get it on and up and going."

The mayor doesn't expect to be relocated for at least six months to two years.

For now, city council meetings will be held at the Keokuk Community School District room.

The city's email server is expected to be up and running by next Wednesday.

There is still no cause determined yet as far as what started the fire.

The city would like to thank the entire community for their support and offerings during this time.

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