Keeping your pet safe in the winter cold

Keeping your pet safe in the winter cold

When the weather outside is frightful, keeping your pet snug, safe, and warm is important.

Sure, your pets are covered in fur but many aren't meant to be out in cold temperatures.

Don't be afraid to throw a coat on your furry friend, depending on the thickness of their fur.

Pilar Brumbaugh with the Quincy Humane Society says there are a few ways to tell if your dog is cold.

"If it's super cold for you and you have an itty-bitty small dog with short hair it's probably 10 times colder for that dog too so really keeping in mind that if you're cold that the dog is probably cold as well," says Brumbaugh.

Pilar also says since dogs can't tell you they are cold - they will sometimes show you through body language.

When it comes to keeping your pet indoors - If you turn down the heat when you leave think about your pet .

Make sure you leave it at a level that would be comfortable for them.

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