Jumping in for safety

Working as a lifeguard means a lot more than catching a great tan in the summer.

When you head to the Hannibal Aquatic Center, you'll notice lifeguards stationed around the water.

These men and women serve an important purpose around the pool.

Assistant Manager Grant Taylor knows first hand how people take him for granted.

"People say 'Oh, you're just a lifeguard,' and I was like 'Well you know it's pretty important.'"

Working as a lifeguard means a lot more than catching a great tan in the summer.

"We m ight look like we sit in chairs all day but we really are here doing something and making sure we protect the lives of those around us , " said lifeguard Rachel Davis.

These lifeguards are living by that moto.

Swimming in the pool should be fun, but safety always comes first.

"By our lifeguards being trained and knowledgeable on everything that we need to do to keep it safe, it just makes our whole pool safe and more fun , " Taylor said.

The idea is to be ready should the worst happen.

In every emergency situation, team work is crucial.

Having a team dynamic helps them as they scan the pool and keep an eye on things.

Whether they're performing CPR, or doing a land or water rescue, these guards know it's an important service they're providing to the community.

"Right after a save, regardless of how old they are, you kind of feel that sense of your job actually means something ," explained Davis. " You're here for a reason."

"It gives me inspiration just to help the people and to have a good time doing it , " said Taylor.

If you're heading to the pool in Hannibal, you may notice some new hours.

After listening to community response, the Hannibal Aquatic Center has new hours:

Sunday-Wednesday: 12pm-6pm

Thursday-Friday: 12pm-7pm

Saturday: 11am-6pm

Lap swim: Monday-Friday 11am-12pm.

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