John Wood Community College is proving to be a good choice for some

According to the US Census about one and a half million people are enrolled in a community colleges across the United States.

And here locally, t his year, more graduates from Quincy High School plan on attending John Wood Community College in the fall.

Now the college's admissions director is busy pouring over applications and crunching numbers trying to see where they stand for next fall.

One number that has caught their attention is the number of applications from soon to be Quincy Senior High graduates, up 23% this year compared to the same time last year.

"We have been doing a lot more visits, we have redeveloped a lot of our recruitment strategies. We've been spending more time with the guidance counselors and trying to provide more communication from our offices to keep that flow, so that we're more in the know about what's going on with them and they're more in the know with what's going on with us," Rachel Buhr, JWCC admissions director said.

Liz Cepeda is a sophomore at John Wood and is also a Quincy High School graduate. She said she didn't even consider John Wood last year when she graduated, but after a year at SIU Edwardsville, she decided to come home and enroll at John Wood.

"I was just getting use to being at SIUE but then I realized that being at John Wood was so much better than wasting thousands of dollars and I would be closer to home so, John Wood was a better choice," Cepeda said.

There are some other interesting enrollment statistics coming out of the admissions office.

The college has 16 high schools that fall within their multi-county region. And the numbers say one in three high school graduates from the region will attend John Wood.

As for the cost, a full year at John Wood costs about $4,500.

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