Jacksonville High School student receives perfect ACT score

    Photo courtesy of Nick Draper at My Journal Courier. 17-year-old Christian Soltermann.

    One Jacksonville student has earned substantial bragging rights after receiving a perfect score on his ACT test.

    According to My Journal Courier's Nick Draper, 17-year-old Christian Soltermann took the test in early February, suspecting to score somewhere in the high 30s.

    Soltermann was delighted when he checked his score online and found he received the maximum possible score of 36 points.

    Soltermann told Draper, "I wasn’t really expecting a perfect score. It felt pretty good. I came home and my mom pulled it up on the computer and I thought, ‘hey, that’s pretty cool.’"

    The ACT is a standardized test used to assess college readiness in high school subjects from math to reading to science.

    According to ACT data, only 2,760 people scored a perfect score of the nearly 2 million students that took the test in 2018.

    Soltermann is not yet sure what he wants to do after graduating high school, but he will likely have plenty of options when it comes to colleges.

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