Iowa State Penitentiary CERT Team takes 3rd in challenge

Photo courtesy of Rebecca Bowker, Executive Officer I at ISP

Iowa State Penitentiary’s Correctional Emergency Response Team (CERT) took home 3rd place recently at the CERT Challenge held in Fort Dodge.

CERT officers Brendon Freeman, Aaron Landers and Shane Jobe represented the prison at the challenge.

Twelve teams, including two from the Iowa State Patrol, competed in multiple skill areas to take home top honors.

Each team of three had to complete in ten different challenges or stations, which were timed.

The stations consisted of using weapons such as the handgun, rifle and shotgun, as well as physical activities such as breaching doors and carrying weighted dummies.

In addition, the teams had to don gas masks to locate and rescue a dummy in a smoke filled trailer.

1st- Fort Dodge

2nd- Anamosa

3rd- Fort Madison

4th- State Patrol

5th- IMCC

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