Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds releases evaluation of state STEM initiatives

Governor Reynolds releases STEM Advisory Council's report at Camp Dodge in Johnston, Iowa. 

Governor Kim Reynolds released an evaluation of the her administration's efforts to pursue STEM education and economic development throughout the state Tuesday at Camp Dodge in Johnston.

The report comes from the governor's STEM Advisory Council's independent evaluation of how the council has succeeded in working towards its initiatives.

One of the highlights of the report, Reynolds said, is how students in the Scale-Up education programs performed on statewide assessments.

“The Scale-Ups are really a key part of the STEM advisory council. They provide high quality STEM education programs to more than 460,000 students in Iowa," said Reynolds.

The report outlines how Scale-Up students scored three points higher on Iowa Assessments than their peers statewide who aren't in the program. They also scored four points higher in science.

For minority students, the report says, those numbers are even higher, with these students scoring six points higher in math and reading and seven points higher in science.

Those who conducted the evaluation also found that more females and minority students are pursuing STEM-related degrees at Iowa's public universities. The Iowa STEM evaluation is a product of work from a inter-university consortium of Iowa State University's Research Institute for Studies in Education, University of Iowa's Iowa Testing Program and the University of Northern Iowa's Center for Social and Behavioral Research.

The full report is on the Iowa STEM website.

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