Iowa candidates for governor face off in first debate


Republican Incumbent Governor Kim Reynolds and Democratic opponent Fred Hubbell faced off in the first of three debates Wednesday evening.

The two candidates touched on a range of topics, including sexual harassment, public safety, and gun control.

They also talked about the Trump administration's recent decision to lift the ban on the year-round sale of gasoline with 15 percent corn ethanol.

Reynolds says the rules were restrictive and impeded Iowa farmers' ability to grow. She praised the president for the E-15 decision.

Hubbell questioned why it took the president so long to change the rules, and vowed to stand up and do what's right for Iowans.

The candidates also discussed the economy, jobs and recent state tax cuts.

"I believe that Iowans should be keeping more of their hard money and in 2019 virtually every single Iowan will see their taxes go down," Gov. Kim Reynolds (R) said.

"We need to create opportunities for all Iowans, not just some Iowans.," Democratic gubernatorial candidate Fred Hubbell said. "To do that, we need to have fiscal responsibility in our government, with the right priorities - improving education, improving healthcare and improving opportunities for Iowans to make more income."

The campaigns also decided the two other days for debates. They will be held on October 17 in Sioux City and October 21 in Davenport.

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