Investigation uncovers February 2018 crash by City of Quincy employee

Photos of a City of Quincy water truck that was crashed at 2051 Highway 104 in Adams County on February 21, 2018, according to an Adams County Sheriff's Office crash report.

A new investigation has revealed a February 21, 2018 crash involving a City of Quincy employee and city water truck.

According to documents obtained by KHQA, the crash happened at 2 a.m. at Highway 104 and East 1900 (5-points) in Adams County.

A report states the city employee was driving on icy conditions when he lost control, ran down an embankment and hit a tree.

According to those documents, the Adams County Sheriff’s office and an ambulance responded to that crash.

The driver was diagnosed with a bruised shoulder.

KHQA submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to the City of Quincy on Wednesday, May 9 inquiring about this February crash.

On Thursday, May 10, City of Quincy FOIA Officer Michele Flaiz responded to KHQA’s FOIA request with the following statement:

The City of Quincy does not have any documents responsive to your request.

The city’s full response to KHQA’s FOIA can be found by clicking here.

KHQA obtained City of Quincy official documents about the crash in question from a concerned whistleblower who wished to remain anonymous.

Those documents include photos of the crashed city water truck, a towing bill and a Quincy Central Services Incident/Accident Investigation.

You can find those documents by clicking here.

Those documents were turned over to KHQA after KHQA cited the city’s denied response to our Freedom of Information Act request.

KHQA showed those documents to Quincy Ward 3 alderman Paul Havermale following Monday night's city council meeting.

Havermale confirmed that the documents are authentic, city records.

KHQA has received confirmation through documents from the Adams County Sheriff’s Department a crash did occur on February 21, 2018. That crash report can be found here.

The Quincy City Council met in closed session following Monday night's regular meeting.

KHQA asked Mayor Kyle Moore for comment about the crash documents following Monday night's closed session meeting.

Mayor Moore denied comment on those documents stating he's unable to comment on personnel issues.

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