Illinois town fears flooding river levels from factors other than Mother Nature

Dallas City - KHQA

Concerns grow along the Mississippi River in the town of Dallas City, Illinois in fear of flood waters.

Dallas City is no stranger to flooding as the town sits along the Mississippi River, but residents her fear the possibility of a new levee being built across the river could increase the threat for those floods.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is proposing the Green Bay Levee be altered near Burlington, Iowa, protecting more than 13,000 acres of agricultural land and a fertilizer plant.

And the plans for another possible factory are in the making and that being in the floodplain, they are trying to protect it. So, basically they can consider it not in a floodplain anymore, but we all know that it is," said Kevin Six, Dallas City Mayor.

Emergency Manager and Floodplain Administrator Jack Curfman understands the town's concerns, but needs more information before understanding the impacts of the proposed changes.

I've got some concerns, I just need to know that everything they are concerned about is going to be factual if it happens," said Curfman.

In response to the U.S. Army Corps proposal, the town of Dallas City has contacted Congressman Darin LaHood among other government officials.

We're getting petition circulated right now, and I expect to send four to five to six other signatures from people around here that are concerned with this and we hope that opens the Corps' eyes and they come our way with the decision," said Six.

Mike Walker from Green Bay Levee and Drainage District says the proposed levee updates would not have flooding impacts to the town of Dallas City.

Walker says the information sent to residents from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers demonstrates a greater than worst case scenario.

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