Illinois State Police start 'Drive Home School Safety Zone' initiative

Illinois Police remind motorists to be aware of school zones (file photo)

At the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year, the Illinois State Police, and its local law enforcement partners, along with school districts, want to remind the public to be cautious when driving in and around school zones and school buses.

Beginning Monday, August 14th through the end of September, the Illinois State Police will provide emphasis on roadway safety around schools to ensure motorists obey the laws.

ISP officials want to remind the motoring public about safe driving measures in and around school zones:

• Reducing speeds near school zones during arrival and dismissal times

• No texting or cell phone use, unless “hands-free.”

The ISP would like to further remind motorists about the laws upon the approach of a school bus:

• When red flashing lamps and/or a “stop” signal arm are activated, all motorists approaching in either direction shall stop a safe distance to allow for loading and unloading of students.

• When red flashing lamps and/or a “stop” signal arm are activated, ONLY on highways having 4 or more lanes, may the driver approaching a stopped school bus in the opposite direction continue without stopping.

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