IL Vets Home generates tens of millions for Quincy

Quincy benefits greatly from the employment, both directly and indirectly, of the Illinois Veterans Home (KHQA/Marcus Espinoza)

For an organization that employs more than 500 people, their impact will be felt in the city they operate in.

"You can't tell the story of Quincy without talking about the IL Veterans Home,"

That's what Mayor Kyle Moore said when asked about the economic impact of the IVH.

"You're dealing with a 90 million dollar economic output annually throughout the state of Illinois that the Illinois Veterans Home generates," said Mayor Moore.

77 million of that stays within the 6 county region in Quincy.

And it's not just the 500 jobs the Vets Home employs on it's own that benefits the city.

Vets from 50 counties stay at the home, bringing outside money in Quincy.

"So then you get their families coming here, spending the night, spending their money, in our restaurants in our hotels," said Mayor Moore.

One of those hotels is Stoney Creek Inn in Quincy.

"We get phone calls about family members wanting to stay throughout the week," said General Manager Logan Cammerer.

He says their stays are vital.

"It's important to have that monthly revenue that can definitely be gained there. A lot of traveling nurses from surrounding areas," said Cammerer.

All told, the veterans home creates some 850 jobs either directly or indirectly, the loss of those jobs would be nearly impossble to replace.

"Once it closes, the likelihood of replacing it is slim to none," said Mayor Moore.

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