IL third in nation for dogs ingesting marijuana

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A new study by ranks Illinois third in the nation for the number of dogs who ingest marijuana.

"We were quite taken aback by the results of the study. We did not anticipate that there would be such a large amount of dogs coming back having ingested medication and/or medical marijuana or marijuana in those categories in particular," said Sarah Segal, JustAnswer Spokesperson.

Dr. Joanne Klingele says whenever an animal consumes a drug, it can be life threatening.

"They can come in where they are in a coma. They have pinpoint pupils. They could be staggering. They could be so depressed that they're lateral. It can suppress their breathing to the point where they actually can die. With marijuana it tends to be they're a little bit more stoned but they can still have a lot of bad side effects," said Klingele.
"Dogs are very resourceful and we make a very concerted effort in our household to keep things up and out of the way, close doors when we can but sometimes life gets ahead of you and you get too busy and just forget that one item," Segal said.

According to Dr. Joanne, the problem is only getting worse.

"It's a 200-fold increase in the last five years in the accidental poisoning of animals," Klingele said.

So make sure if you have medicine or anything hazardous to your pet, that you keep it out of their reach.

If you suspect your pet has accidentally consumed something harmful, you're advised to take them to the vet immediately.

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