IL Rep. Darin LaHood talks about Illinois Veterans Home

Illinois' 18th Congressman Darin LaHood

A conversation about the Illinois Veterans Home has also made its way to Capitol Hill in Washington.

We spoke with Illinois Congressman Darin LaHood as part of our Connect to Congress initiative.

He told us he commends Governor Bruce Rauner for not only visiting the home, but also staying several nights there.

LaHood says the Illinois Veterans Home is important to West Central Illinois, and the last thing he wants to see is this become a political issue.

"What I don't want to see is a political issue made out of the Quincy home. It's unfortunate that folks that are running for governor on the democratic side want to make this political. I don't think it should be political," says LaHood.

As for what's next, Governor Bruce Rauner has said he will form a committee in the coming days to figure out appropriate funding to either lay new piping or build a brand new facility.

To watch the full Connect to Congress interview with Rep. LaHood, click here.

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