IHOP to open soon in Quincy

IHOP sign at 3311 Broadway location.

IHOP is officially coming to Quincy.

That's according to Franchise Owner Larry McDonald.

"I own several IHOPS, two of them in Springfield as well, but this is the first IHOP that I am going to open up on my own so I am very excited about coming to Quincy and opening a restaurant in Quincy," said McDonald.

McDonald met with contractors and architects Monday, discussing and planning interior and exterior preparations.

IHOP has approved of the store, as it is store number 2152, and will be located at 3311 Broadway.

Currently, an empty TGI Fridays building sits in the lot. McDonald says they plan to use the existing structure.

The store is planned to open in early December depending on the process of city permits.

If the store opens on time, interviews for employment at IHOP will begin in November.

The restaurant will be open 24 hours.

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