IHOP sees great crowd for opening day in Quincy

IHOP Paradise Pancakes [Photo provided]

Quincy residents now have another choice for their dining needs, and it's open 24 hours a day.

IHOP is now open on Broadway in front of the Quincy Mall.

It opened at 6 a.m. monday morning and is already seeing good numbers.

Owner Larry McDonald opened doors for customers as they walked in.

He says he's most excited about what quincy has to offer.

"Everybody in Quincy is excited about IHOP and everywhere you go everyone you talk to talks about how they're so excited about IHOP. We just want to meet the people in Quincy and I'm sure they're going to love IHOP," said McDonald.

Barbara Specht and her husband were at IHOP bright and early Monday morning.

"The food is excellent. I love IHOP. We usually go visit IHOP when we're out of town but it's really nice to have it here in Quincy. We were excited," said Specht.

The restaurant is open 24 hours so feel free to satisfy your 3 a.m. pancake craving any day.

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