How to notice if your child has a concussion

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Within weeks, kids will be returning back to the classroom as the new school year kicks off.

Many students are already back at it practicing extracurricular activities.

Undoubtably, whenever extracurriculars come up, some people tend to think about concussions, and protecting their kids.

Here's one way to battle concussions.

Learning a sport at an early age can help prevent all kinds of injuries. Knowing the rules of the game can keep your kids safe because they get a full understanding of what's happening, and can pay attention. Sometime though, something comes out of nowhere, and can give them a concussion.

"It's an injury to the brain," said Physical Therapist Assistant, Patrick Kistner.

That can be from a jarring, or from and impact like the ground, an object, or another player.

"Sometimes what may not look like a very severe head injury can produce all sorts of effects," says Kistner.

Patrick Kistner is an Athletic Trainer and Physical Therapist Assistant with Quincy Medical Group. He says every concussion is different, in terms of how it makes you feel, and how long the recovery will take.

"Everybody always wants to know how long an athlete is going to be out. And the real answer is, we don't know," said Kistner.

The return to the activity is based on the signs and symptoms and how long it takes them to recover. The best medicine for a concussion is rest and recovery...sometimes even leaving kids out of school while your child's brain heals. Here's some ways to tell if your child might have a concussion.

"A lot of it is knowing your child. Knowing their normal behavior. Big signs are dizziness, headaches, nausea, balance issues," said Kistner.

Kistner says overall, their mood may change. You may see them acting more moody or even depressed.

Kistner also says it never hurts to get them checked out.

Quincy Medical Group offers a free concussion clinic at 1118 Hampshire.

Hannibal Regional also has a partnership with Advanced Physical Therapy that does free screenings in Hannibal and Monroe City.

Find more information about concussions from WebMD by clicking here.

More from the Mayo Clinic.

Concussions can also happen when sports aren't involved.

That's what happened to Grace Deien in Hannibal a few years ago.

Check out her story here.

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