How to get your lawn ready for summer

The perfect lawn is a dream for a lot of homeowners.

First step? Preventing those pesky weeds.

"What people are coming in and looking for right now is the weed and feed, what that is going to do is keep all your crab grass down," said Joyce Frericks.

Now, your grass is going to want to eat.

"You want to over seed your yard, especially if you got spots in it maybe where dogs or pathways or something, it just establishes your yard and makes it look better," said Frericks.

What type of lawn mower you can use varies quite a bit.

"The good lawn mower here with the Honda lawnmower has the double blade, cuts the grass very short, that way the grass is going to biodegrade a lot quicker," said Larry Schutte

Watch out to not cut your grass too short.

"Cut it and three to four inches right now, you can go back and cut that grass down. You can go back and cut that grass down, but you don't want to cut the root structure of the grass off," said Schutte.

With a little help from Mother Nature, you're on your way to a healthier lawn.

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