Hoopin' with Harlem: Knapheide Team Bios


Meet the players on the Knapheide basketball team.

They'll be participating in the "Hoopin' with Harlem" event on December 8th against Blessing Health System team.

Michael Copenhaver admits to only having played basketball a handful of times his entire life. Luckily, his son plays on a competitive traveling team and has taught his dad a thing or two on the court. He chose number 11 because it is his son’s number, but also because that is the total amount of points he has scored in basketball his entire life. Team Knapheide is hoping he can break that record during the Knapheide v. Blessing game.

Dustin Reed is the good ‘old boy of the Knapheide team. He enjoys basketball, golf, Harleys, four-wheelers, the occasional cold beverage and just having a good time. You should see his tricks that involve four-wheelers and basketball hoops. Unfortunately, he will be unable to show those tricks during the game, but will be able to pull out bits and pieces of them to crowd in pure awe. Warning: Do not try Dustin’s tricks at home.

Kyle Young may appear to be your typical logistics specialist, however, don’t let those looks deceive you. If you ask anyone about Kyle’s basketball skills, they all respond with “He’s good!” You may think that he chose number 23 because it was Michael Jordan’s number, but Michael Jordan actually chose that number because it is Kyle Young’s number. Watch out for this one.

Brooks Bainter played basketball in high school, but is better known for his 4-years of being on the Quincy University baseball team. Brooks’ quiet nature may leave you underestimating his skill, but let’s just say that stealth is his middle name. Yep, that’s right Brooks Stealth Bainter. With Brooks on the Knapheide team, Blessing won’t know what hit them.

Wade Pellman has the longest laundry list of basketball achievements of anyone on the Knapheide team. These accomplishments include 4th in state his sophomore year at Liberty High School, sectional champs his junior year and regional champs his senior year. He was also an all-star his senior year in the Illinois v. Missouri game. His list did not end after high school. He added intermural basketball champion 3 years running in college, which is probably exactly what would happen if Knapheide played Blessing 3-years running, since Wade is on our team.

Jeremy Evans’ only stated hobby is “drinking soda,” which is why we invited him to be on the Knapheide basketball team so that his list of hobbies will grow to two. If you don’t know Jeremy, all you need to know is that a sweatband is his signature fashion piece. He will be sporting this stylish sweatband during the game. He would even wear it to work if it were in dress code and used to wear it during practice on his college’s swim team…15 years and 30 pounds ago.

Richard Markey is really proud of his 3 nonconsecutive recreational basketball league championships, where he carried the team to victory 3 out of 5 years. It would have been 5 out of 5, had Ryan Stockman not been on the team. Richard regrets the decision of asking Ryan to be on the team daily, but it gives him the drive to work on his vertical jump, which is currently 6’5”. Thanks for the motivation, Ryan.

Josh Gates carries the record for most free throws in one season (98), which is also the current NBA record. The Knapheide team hopes that Josh is fouled the most during the game, because his knack for making free throws makes team Knapheide a shoo-in for victory.

Vivian Benjamin comes to team Knapheide due to his pure love for the game…and his mad skill, of course. Rumor has it Vivian once broke an opponent’s arm just by blocking their dunk. Thank goodness Blessing has doctors on their team, since we have the king of blocks on ours.

Tony Marshall is excited to get back on the court and relive his high school glory days, where he lettered in six sports. Being from Keokuk, Iowa those sports included muttin’ bustin’, hog calling, calf roping, ping pong, bowling and cow tipping, but the team is hoping that some athletic abilities from those sports allow Tony to make a basket or two.

Abbie Foster may be small, but having a strong mind for accounting, she will be able to calculate exactly what she needs to do in order to get around any of her opponents and shoot that basket. Having a highly competitive nature, Abbie will likely mean-mug you the entire game, but no worries, you’ll all be friends after she’s done leaving you in her dust.

Nathan Wall comes in as the most challenged in height on the Knapheide line-up, but he doesn’t let his stature get in the way of his skills on the court. His greatest defensive move is using the glare from the overhead lights off of his bald head to blind his opponents. Note to team Knapheide…wear your sunglasses.

John Rheinecker, also known as the spreadsheet lumberjack, has mad dunking skills due his continuous practice of cutting fire wood with an ax. His number is 40 because that’s the number of dunks he was able to throw down in just one practice. If his dunking skills don’t impress you, his pivot tables will.

Kayla Tuley was invited to be on the team because they needed someone to design the logo for the shirts. Her design skills go beyond graphics as she also designed the plays that Knapheide will use to drive up the score against Blessing. Luckily, she has just as much game on the court as she does at a computer.

Ryan Blue - Just check out this link: Yes, that was him that made that shot. Enough said.

Cole Krieg admits to being better with a football than a basketball, but, get your tissues ready, is playing on this team as an example to his daughter, who loves basketball. He even chose 22 as his number because it’s her number. The rest of team just hopes Cole remembers to dribble the ball and not just run up and down the court with it.

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